Arlene Howesa – Textiles

Akema Honyumptewa – Paintings and traditional weavings

Barbara Polacca – Pottery

Buddy Tubinaghtewa – Glass Etchings and other mixed media

Celeste James – Textiles

Deidra Leslie – Mixed Media

Delores Ami – Mixed Media

Duane Tawahongva – Overlay Jewelry

Fannon Mowa – Kachina Dolls and Mixed Media

Gerald Lomaventema – Overlay Jewelry

Iva Honyestewa – Baskets and Jewelry

Jefferson Morgan – Kachina Dolls and Mixed Media

Jennifer Joseph – Mixed Media and Textiles

Liz Gashwaszra – Mixed Media

Marie Honyumptewa – Beading and Textiles

Reba Lomayestewa – Baskets

Richard Dawavendewa – Paintings and Mixed Media

Sandra Hamana – Mixed Media

Sooya Davis – Mixed Media

Stewart Dukepoo – Mixed Media and Textiles

White Swann – Pottery

**More Artists to Come**



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