About the

Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival

An annual festival that shares and celebrates Hopi arts, culture, and rich history.

The Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival began in 2010 to assist Hopi artisans in selling their arts and crafts following a major recession. It was also an avenue to help introduce their artistic ability and Native culture to the public. The Hopi Festival brings to Flagstaff public education by way of art, traditional social dances and information on Hopi culture. The event is a bridge that allows the City of Flagstaff and surrounding communities to come together and learn from one another through unity, happiness, and stewardship of the earth from all people of different walks of life.

History of the Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival

Since 2010, the Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival has seen some big growth. We have gone from being in downtown Flagstaff, AZ on Heritage Square to expanding and moving our event to the Continental Country Club Driving Range on the Eastside of Flagstaff, AZ. During our time at Heritage, our goal was to introduce a diversity of arts, culture and educational opportunities through the Hopi Festival on Heritage Square in Flagstaff’s historic downtown business district.

As the interest in and attendance at the Festival has grown each year, we realized we needed to expand opportunities for additional artisans and presenters that could enhance the Festival to meet the demands of our visitors. Through our expansion over the years, we began to look for new venues to accommodate those needs for growth. Since 2021, we have been so excited to hold our Festival at the Continental Country Club Driving Range in Flagstaff, AZ.

It has been a pleasure being in downtown Flagstaff over the years and we appreciate the support from the local businesses and we hope that our working relationship will continue to grow. We want to thank everyone for all the support throughout the years and we hope that you can join us again this year at Continental Country Club Driving Range for a great event that we know you will enjoy!!

Contact Us

For questions or inquiries about the 12th Annual Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival, please email us at info@hopifestival.com or call our office at

(928) 522-8675, We look forward to seeing you at the festival!!