The Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival, hosted on by HTEDC Arts & Education Association is an event that brings Flagstaff and surrounding communities together to learn about the Hopi people through Hopi art, Hopi social dances, and social interaction with the Hopi Artists themselves. In addition to learning about the Hopi people the event aims to bring together people of all different walks of life to learn togetherness, happiness, and stewardship of Mother Earth for all . The proceeds from the festival assist the HTEDC Arts & Education Association to provide resources to programs that assist Hopi youth through Arts and/or Educational related programs. We believe that providing opportunities for  Hopi youth will allow them to become the  leaders we need to provide for a better way of life for the Hopi people. We greatly appreciate all of our wonderful sponsors! There are many reasons to become a sponsor of the Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival, including:

  • This event draws people from all over the world
  • Festival Proceeds go toward programs that assist Hopi Youth
  • Sponsorships can qualify for 501(c)3 Charitable Tax Deductions
  • The event boosts the Flagstaff economy, as well as the Hopi economy by providing an entrepreneurial opportunity for Hopi Artisans
  • A Native American cultural experience you don’t want to miss in Northern Arizona
  • Features Hopi Artisans – Showcasing both contemporary and traditional artwork
  • Featuring Traditional Social dances/music entertainment all weekend long

Become a Sponsor

Download the Sponsorship Flyer for sponsorship breakdown and get in touch with us to Sponsor the 2021 event!

Sponsorship Flyer