For over 12 years, the Hopi Arts & Education Association has continued to host the annual Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival. Each year the festival has continued to grow with more Hopi artists to showcase their artwork, along with an increase of festival attendees that come out to the two – day event to experience and learn about the Hopi people, art, traditional social dance performances, and interaction with the Hopi artists.

The annual Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival every year raises funds to continue to provide an avenue to help introduce the Hopi artisan’s artistic talent and view of Hopi culture to the public. Along with providing scholarships for higher educational pursuits, support and create opportunities to enhance Hopi artists marketing and visibility; Increase awareness and understanding of Hopi arts and culture to the public.


There are many reasons to become a sponsor of the Hopi Arts & Cultural Festival, including:

  • Over 2,000 people in attendance in 2022
  • Festival proceeds go towards providing scholarships for higher education pursuits.
  • Sponsorships may qualify for 501(c)3 Charitable Tax Deductions
  • Supporting the Hopi artist and festival will help with the continuation of the annual festivals each year.
  • Increase brand exposure.


Become a sponsor of the Hopi Festival, your sponsorship goes towards Artistic & Educational programs that support the Hopi community. Through proceeds, we can assist programs that can instill knowledge and prepare the Hopi Community to become future leaders that can provide for a better way of life for the Hopi People.


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